Dr. Vinayak, your Master Detective, has a Doctorate degree in BioEnergetics, and is an internationally recognized authority in quantum healing.   He is a 30+-year veteran in the holistic healthcare field and one of the pioneers in using technology to discern subtle energy changes in the body, as a means to re-balancing the system.

Vinayak is certified in the following treatment methodologies and specialties:
• Clinical Bio-Feedback
• Neurofeedback
• Level 1 and 2 in SCENAR therapy
• Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields
• BioMeridian MSA-21 system
• Quantron Resonance Systems
• Theta II Healing in DNA-2 Replacement and 4-Level Reprogramming
• Theta I Command and Clustering Process
• Homeopathy and Homotoxicolology certificate
• Basic Training in Spiritual and Magnetic Healing
• Physical, Emotional and Movement Therapy
• Hypnotherapist
• Massage Practitioner and Natural Health Educator
• Reiki practitioner Degrees 1 and 2
• Reboundologist
• Psychic and Metaphysical Development
• Master Rebirther

From a spiritual perspective—and we all know that spirit and belief are indeed factors in our health!—Vinayak has also achieved the following credentials:
• Practitioner of Religious Science
• Universal Life Minister
• Shaman


Vinayak received his Master of Fine Arts in 1977 at the University of Wisconsin. His entré to the healing arts came ironically through the visual arts, when many people spoke of the healing power of his paintings. This directed him down the path of non-traditional alternative healing modalities that could take advantage and expand his gift to heal. After witnessing the power of the human body to heal itself when balanced, he chose bio-energetics and energy medicine to facilitate his clients overcoming their obstacles on all levels—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

He is committed to helping others find their path to optimum health.