What People Are Saying about Electrum Health Associates

I am so grateful that I met you all those years ago, You are ‘so special,’ and one of those ‘angels,’ put on earth to help those people that need you. Judy



“I wanted to tell you how amazed I was after the Energetic Balancing you did for me. I had 367 stressors in my body that were affecting the immune system and showed great inflammation especially in the circulatory system and heart. I was hoping that the liquid superfood fruit juices I was taking were helping me; but as the tests showed, I am very sensitive to sugars and specifically to fructose.  I was so disappointed about not being able to continue supplementing with the juices. However, what totally blew my mind was that when we tested how the Genewize supplement helped me; from the 367 stressors, GeneWize balanced 281! and the stressing influence of the 86 left was considerably reduced. I only needed 1 flower essence and 1 homeopathic remedy to finish off balancing my whole system. AMAZING!!! Best of all I am feeling great and know that my health is improved already! Imagine one product taking care of basically all of my needs. I am still in awe. Thank you!!!” — Miryam

“I just want to share with you that I am in deep gratitude to you and your amazing LSA treatment. I have struggled with burning back pain, that traveled down my legs, for 6 years. I have undergone back injections, two years of physical therapy and finally acupuncture. All offered mild pain relief that eventually returned. Yet, when I left your office, after only one treatment, I felt zero pain. It has been several months now, and I am still pain free. I have been telling everyone about your work.Thank you, thank you, thank you!” — Malena Gamboa, Los Angeles, CA

“My experience of Vinayak’s Energy work is nothing short of phenomenal. I am an energy healer,,Clairvoyant and Clairsentient and had been experiencing extreme fatigue, brain and body disorientation. I called Vinayak and he came to my house and after his session I experienced immediate healing and the benefits of his work as my brain was functioning better by up to 70%. I could feel the energy increase and surge throughout my body once again. I recommend his services for any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issue you may have. He is a healing angel in human form, call him for his help now.” — JCR

“Along life’s path you meet many people. Every now and then, you come across an exceptional person who touches your life, but more specifically your soul. How blessed I am for the experience of meeting you. Your generosity with your time, your gifts, and your respectful regard for me were overwhelming. The totally unexpected gift of Sunday’s session the “Pro,” leaves me feeling inadequate as to how to express my gratitude. You gave me renewed life force, which in turn, gave me my drive and clarity back again…you truly are a Divine Presence and gift of humanity.”– Barbara

“Well today is the day.. I feel extremely emotional, I’m in Washington, D.C. to gather with the many who have been struck by devastating Lyme disease. It almost seems surreal that less than just a year and a half ago I was seriously fighting the toughest battle of my life, fighting to stay alive. I had no idea how or if it was possible to ever come out of the darkest deepest loneliest scariest hole ever…I was was hopeless,sick, suicidal, desperate, tired, broken and toxic, full of rage wanting to die. Little did I know after 6 years, 2 pic lines, brain scan, cat scan, MRIs, spinal taps, 17 dr’s, trips from Los angeles to New York, the teacher would show up in almost my backyard. The day after raging in a complete breakdown breaking out the car window, my life changed forever and a new dr appeared. What I saw as hopeless he saw as hopeful, what I saw as death he showed me life, what I saw as negative, he showed me positive…I went from over 40 different pills, drops, supplements etc to 3 bottles of homeopathic remedies in less than two weeks. I went from unable to function as a wife or mother, unable to care care of myself, drive, cook, clean… To becoming fully functioning again. I had been struck down, destroyed…But today I am alive and well and flew from California to Washington, D.C. To be apart of this amazing event and meet the many others who I have for the past 6 years shared my journey via online and Facebook. Here’s to me and here’s to all of you! My hat and heart goes out to every single one us, the ones healed and the ones still fighting. Today my husband, daughter and I stand for every single one of us. Thanks Dr. Vinayak!”–M. Hiney