Nutrition & Supplementation

Why Do We Use Supplements?

Why do we use supplements? Even if you are eating organic or raw food you still cannot provide your body with the optimal nutrients. First, the soil today is severely depleted of the nutrients that existed many years ago. Second, because our bodies are exposed to so many more toxins and stressors today.
Using our bio-energetic detection systems, we can discern exactly what is missing, what needs adjusting, what needs supporting—without playing a guessing game. Thus, the products we recommend will get right to work correcting the imbalance.

We might recommend:

  • A homeopathic remedy that we create using the subtle energy generator of our Zyto system
  • A homeopathic remedy created by established, reputable product manufacturers
  • Various nutritional supplements that fill in your nutrition gaps
  • Going to for purchasing Sisel products.
  • Going to   for purchasing Mineral concentrate