Tesla Light Therapy

Tesla Energy Lights

Tesla Energy Lights™ are a human energy management system designed to donate electrons, recharge and permeate one’s subtle energy bodies with compatible high frequency subtle energies.

Nicola Tesla, famous turn-of-the-century electrical energy pioneer was onto to something when he invented his Tesla Coil, but the energy generated was untamed and wild. Today, the Tesla Energy Lights™ has discovered a way to formulate very LOW voltage output so the energy can have a permeable influence of compatibility for our fragile electrical systems and soft delicate bio fields.

The system is comprised of noble gas crystal tubes placed in a carousels designed to deliver a full spectrum of harmonic ions. Exposure to these frequencies can empower the user to manage one’s thoughts, feelings and belief system by directing and interacting with the energies in the session to fuel one’s goals with decisive intention. Many report spiritual connecting, profound calming influence to the mind and emotions especially where stress is an issue.

The biggest advantage the Tesla Energy Lights™ provide is the ability to lie down in between each polarity (bias) unit to enter in to one’s “alpha” state. That is the same altered state of consciousness we go to when we pray, meditate or dream. So when one is in between the Lights, one becomes like the filament of a light bulb—truly “enlightened.” Research and experience over the last 18 years is proves that treatment with Tesla Energy Lights™ is about creating balance. And that means less resistance, more coherance and with stress –oftentimes leading to a positive attitude adjustment. The most commonly heard response from users is “wow”, “what a power nap.”

Tesla Energy Lights™ has now detected shifts objectively with Kirlian photography merged via computer algorithms to produce repeatable data. The energy measured reveals shifts in volume, symmetry and alignment for each and every person without exception.