Electro-Accupuncture/EAV Therapy


Electro-Acupuncture (EAV) is a diagnostic and therapeutic methodology which was developed by the German doctor Reinhold Voll more than 50 years ago. EAV is a bio-physical method to diagnose patterns in accordance with the modern holistic medicine. It unifies the classical Chinese acupuncture with modern homeopathic and bio-resonance practices.

Today EAV has been applied to monitor functional processes, to determine allergic stress, enzymes blockages, micro-poisoning, side effects of allopathic medicine, impairments of vaccines, residuals of diseases and viruses inherited, rheumatic patterns, psychic disorders many times caused by pollutants like cadmium, lead and mercury. All of these conditions can lead to chronic diseases or dysfunctionalities which allopathic medicine cannot cure.

In EAV, acupuncture points are used to measure the electric resistance of skin. Voll determined exactly the topography of these points—actually more than those used in classical Chinese acupuncture—and their direct relationship to different organs. Based on the values measured by himself he compiled an extraordinary diagnostic methodology. EAV clearly enables a functional diagnosis of the human control system and often this diagnosis detects the future development of disease as long as two years in advance, so it falls into the category as a preventive medicine.

This is essential because a treatment at this stage can correct or prevent the transformation into chronic illness. EAV uses a gentle low-voltage electrical stimulation of these key EAV points. EAV is also used to measure the electrical circuit when a patient ingests recommended remedies including homeopathic, herbal or nutritional supplements. This leads the therapist to know what is working and at what dosage. EAV can also determine what is causing allergic reactions in order to treat them.