Electrum Health Associates

Quantum Bio-Energy Detection, Re-Balancing and Healing

Our bodies are phenomenally sophisticated organisms that are comprised of light and energy. When any organ, function, chemical in the body goes slightly awry it presents as illness or disease. But it also gives off a tell-tale sign—a change in the balance of its light and energy—either too much or too little. And this is where Electrum Health Associates comes in….

We are the detectives who, using the most advanced technology, hunt down these tell tale signs. We’re just like those detectives on police procedurals—we find the clues! And once we do, we know exactly what needs to be fixed and how to balance the body to return to a fully healthy state.

Using ZYTO™ systems Galvanice Skin Response technology to measure the slightest fluctuations in your Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) we immediately can learn what ails you, test what remedies will work and then develop a plan for your recovery!

It’s quick, easy and best of all–painless!

The Master Detective

Few people are as accomplished in the field of Quantum bio-energy sleuthing than Electrum Health Associates founder and leading practitioner Vinayak, Doctor of Bio-Energetics and 30 year veteran in holistic healthcare. He is a respected figure in the field of energy medicine. Vinayak holds 20 specialty certifications in individual aspects of energy, holistic and spiritual healing.

And he is committed to finding your imbalances and transforming your health!

We use a variety of modalities including nutritional supplements, light therapies, non-invasive Electro-Accupuncture, dietary recommendations and other passive treatments.

Electrum is also successfully pioneering healing for a variety of difficult illnesses including Lyme Disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, autism, chronic inflammation, Multiple Sclerosis, emotional suppression, chronic illness, HIV, chronic gastro-intestinal distress, respiratory issues, candida, allergies, food sensitivities and chronic panic attacks.

We can work our detecting across the table from you or by phone anywhere in the world! You just need a PC or a Mac.

We take the mystery out of what you body wants and needs!

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